Cape Fear

You don't think I've been flashed before?
I didn't mean to insult you.
I'm sure you've been flashed.

If you want to come out, come on out.
If you don't, go on.

Do whatever you want.
But don't go outside.
'Afternoon, Counselor.
What do you want, Mr. Cady?
They're great at that age, ain't they?
All those discoveries ahead of them.
You're lucky.

My own daughter,
she don't even know me.

After I went inside,
her mama told her I was dead...

...which, in a way, I was.
Mr. Cady, I realize that you suffered.
I understand your problem,
but, I mean, why me?

I was your lawyer. I defended you.
Why not badger the D.A. or the judge?
-Why not them?

Best I remember,
they was just doing right by their jobs.

I didn't do my job? Is that right?
I pleaded you out
to a lesser occluded offense.

You could've gotten rape
instead of battery.

I'd have been up for parole in seven years
according to Georgia penal code.

Rape is a capital offense.
You could've gotten life, death.

You could be sitting
on death row right now.

I learned to read during my stretch.
First, Spot Goes To The Farm...
...then Runaway Bunny,
then law books, mostly.

Did you know, after I discharged you,
I acted as my own attorney?

Applied several times for an appeal.
No, I didn't know that.
So, here we are...
...two lawyers, for all practical purposes,
talking shop.

How much do you want, Mr. Cady?