Cape Fear

-Strong drink you got there, mister.
-You said it.

Just put a little goldfish in it,
and you'll be fine.

You seem to be having a good time.
-I've been practicing.
-Practicing for what?

-How to fall on the floor?
-A life of debauchery.

Debauch, what?
Debauchery. It's a three-syllable word.
Making fun of me?
That's okay. No problem.

-I made you blush.

Yes. You're now the color
of your shirt, scarlet.

I had no business getting
stuck on a guy who was married.

-You certainly did not.
-I don't know what I was thinking.

God only knows.
Aren't I the bozo on this bus?
Oh, God. Lest you think that I slept
with this particular married guy...

That's your business. Not mine.
I don't want to make it sound like
I've been through a busload of them.

That's the way it sounded to me.
-He was the first.
-Oh, yeah.

-He was, I swear.
-Oh, yeah.

-Oh, boy.
-Tell it to the judge.

-Actually the rat stood me up today.
-Did he?

-What a shame.

I know.
So, now it's my turn. Where are you from?
Where am I from?
-You're gonna love this.

I'm from the Georgia State
Correctional Facility.

You think I'm joking? That's the truth.
I just got released from prison.

My god. This is the way
my day has been turning out.

Actually, it reminds me of a joke.
-Do you want to hear it?
-Tell me. Liven up the night.

An unmarried woman...
Wait a minute, that's not it.

-Come on, get the joke straight.
-Shut up. Let me do it.

An unmarried woman meets a guy...
...and he tells her he just got out of prison.
"What did you do?" she asks.
"I hacked my wife into 52 pieces
with a chain saw."

She says, "So, you're single?"