Cape Fear

Silesius, 17th century.
Could you be there?
I wonder if you're here.
Ah, fuck it.
If you're here,
what the fuck is the difference?

Fuck it!
-I've got Mr. Kersek on one.
-Good. I'll take it.

Sam, you look tired. You get that writ?
No, we have to get into that.
Let me just grab this.

-I'm damn sorry about last night.

That son of a bitch could survive
a nuclear strike.

Hang on a second.
Tom, I'm not doing it. I pulled a fast one...
...and it's come back and bit me on the ass.
What you did was dumb. What I'm asking
is no big deal. This is my daughter!

No, it's perjury.
It's bullshit and I'm not doing it!

-All right?
-I'll be in my office.

Who was that top criminal lawyer?
Lee Heller. We need to talk.
If word gets out how Cady
bushwhacked those bastards...

:12:36'll be hard to get three new guys.
I don't want three new guys.
You hear me?

Mr. Heller, it's Sam Bowden
from Broadbent and Denmeyer.

Tom speaks very highly of you. He says
you're the best, and that's what I need.

We froze our butts together in Korea.
How can I help you, Sam?

It's a petition for a restraining order,
but there have been complications.

I know this is short notice,
but I need this injunction.

There's an ex-convict named Max Cady
who's been harassing my family.