I thought I'd tell you right away
- Car 2306 is back in working order
- Is it, inspector?

It is indeed, Kessler
Your nephew is off to a great start;
you may turn the handle, please

Yes, inspector
Track 8, Kessler
You will have the honour of serving
on the first First Class sleeper...

:09:50 run under the revived
Zentropa company

We have worked night and day to
get this train back on the track

I understand you specifically wish to
become a sleeping-car conductor

A fine choice
But there was also a
symbolic element...

:10:07 the management's decision
of giving the job to a foreigner

We are dealing with the important
matter of human transportation...

...which no borders should impede
I also started out as a
sleeping-car conductor

Those were my happiest days
An engine-driver's work is exciting
The same goes for the
systematics in the tower

But only the conductor comes into
direct contact with the passengers

He can say "I can promise you
a most pleasant journey

"You can all enjoy a peaceful sleep"
- Right, Kessler?
- Certainly, inspector

I call this a mythological task
You will accompany your uncle
while you are training

After your exam in three months'
time, you can move on

But you can read all about that
in the service rule book