" the right hour You feed them
"You open Your hand and bless
all who dwell there. Amen"

Our guest has arrived
So sorry I'm late
Never excuse yourself, young man
Life is too short
Kat tells me you have recently
joined our company

I'm very pleased
Father is pleased you're American
He'd like Zentropa
to be international

Germans are ill-regarded right now
Rubbish, Larry. Let's eat
My sister's got her eye on you
Calm down, both of you
It's very brave of you to come
to Germany at such a time

A great tragedy has befallen
this part of the world

What kind of question is that
to ask our guest?

I'm afraid I'm not very religious
Herr Kessler is a sensible man
He realises that if the scars
of this war are to heal...

...then we must turn to one another
My sister says you're a deserter
In my father's opinion, so am I
That's enough, Larry
My son was too ill to join up
Ill! The illness my father
has never understood

He thinks it stems from my mother
spoiling me till the day she died

Excuse me
I apologise for my son's behaviour
- I thought you didn't like excuses
- Damn it!

Excuse me, Father
In war, life is so simple
It's only afterwards that
complications arise