Jack, don't do that.
You could put someone's eye out.

Maggie. Maggie.
Peter, it's number 1 4.
What do you say to Granny Wendy?
-" How do you do?"
-Jack, get down!

Be careful.
Is Granny Wendy the real,
real Wendy from my play?

No, not really.
Sort of.
Don't be a sloucher.
Take that gum out of your mouth.

It's time to look our best. First
impressions are the most important.

Shoes tied. Shirt tucked.
You know this.
Remember, you're in England,
land of good manners.

Uncle Tootles.
It's snowing!
Look at these adorable children!
It's good to see you,
Libby-- Linda-- Lisa--

-I said that.

Oh, Moira, how are you?
You look wonderful!

Oh, my God!
Look at the size--
Look at you! Such a sweet thing!
-Granny Wendy will be right down.
-She's upstairs? Oh, good.

-Big boy! You could play rugby.
-No, baseball.

Oh, look.
-Did you do this for us?
-We've been cooking all week.

You've been cooking?
What've you been cooking? Mince pies?

Peter, look at this.
Look at this.

-Who's that?
-It's you.

Was I ever that young?
-What's gotten into you?
-This house has gotten to me.

Some of those things I was when
I was young have never left me.

Oh, thank God!
We were children in these rooms.

Lost, lost, lost.
Lost what?
I've lost my marbles.
-He was supposed to be in a home.
-It broke Wendy's heart.

Tootles is Wendy's first orphan.
Which is which?

Large bag's mine, and the smaller ones
are the children's.

Hello, boy.