Look at the size--
Look at you! Such a sweet thing!
-Granny Wendy will be right down.
-She's upstairs? Oh, good.

-Big boy! You could play rugby.
-No, baseball.

Oh, look.
-Did you do this for us?
-We've been cooking all week.

You've been cooking?
What've you been cooking? Mince pies?

Peter, look at this.
Look at this.

-Who's that?
-It's you.

Was I ever that young?
-What's gotten into you?
-This house has gotten to me.

Some of those things I was when
I was young have never left me.

Oh, thank God!
We were children in these rooms.

Lost, lost, lost.
Lost what?
I've lost my marbles.
-He was supposed to be in a home.
-It broke Wendy's heart.

Tootles is Wendy's first orphan.
Which is which?

Large bag's mine, and the smaller ones
are the children's.

Hello, boy.
Hello, Wendy.
I told you, Gran, I'd get him here,
by hook or by crook.

I'm sorry it's been
so long between visits.

It's been 1 0 years between visits.
But never mind.

Come and give me a skwoodge.
Oh, Moira, Moira, Moira!
Who is this lovely lady?
It can't be Maggie.
Yes, it can. And know what?
I just played you at school.

And don't you just look the part.
Can this giant be Jack?
How much you've grown in a year!

I'm supposed to tell you about...
...congratulations for opening
the orphan hospital...