”I love, that is all.”
”But I love strongly,
exclusively, steadfastly.”

No, it’s like something out of a novel...
like that dreadful woman writes.

- If you can call her a woman.
- George?

She makes a great hash of her life,
but she’s got a good heart.

That’s why so many men
don’t want to let go of her.

George knows how to love...
while she loves.
The countess has an extraordinary style.
I’d not have guessed
there was a volcano under that ice.

We can’t find anything, citizen.
The viscount
has been completely obliterated.

- Good to see you.
- Good evening.

They’re all in here. Follow me.
What the devil...
Good God, Claudette!
Go back upstairs and change!

- Pooh!
- Ow!

Hello! Welcome.
Well, he left the salon at that moment.
Claudette’s decided to dress as a man
for some reason. Do you want a drink?

At that stage everyone started to laugh.
At last! Madame Sand!
Everybody’s staring at me.
It’s a revelation wearing trousers.

I feel quite the bully!
George in a dress?
Red and white,
the colours of the Polish flag.