- Good to see you.
- Good evening.

They’re all in here. Follow me.
What the devil...
Good God, Claudette!
Go back upstairs and change!

- Pooh!
- Ow!

Hello! Welcome.
Well, he left the salon at that moment.
Claudette’s decided to dress as a man
for some reason. Do you want a drink?

At that stage everyone started to laugh.
At last! Madame Sand!
Everybody’s staring at me.
It’s a revelation wearing trousers.

I feel quite the bully!
George in a dress?
Red and white,
the colours of the Polish flag.

That’s a bit of overkill.
I tell you, we’ll discuss it...
May I take your arm?
My husband’s in a temper tonight
because I’m wearing his britches.

Chopin does not deserve to be collected.

He’s so fragile, you know he might...
What’s this? A secret?
Is he the one you came here to meet?

Mallefille, if you can’t behave,
go to your room.

I am quite marooned.
Will you... partner me?
Of course.
- "Bon appétit."
- "(all) Bon appétit."