Do it the way you did it last time.
Something that makes me look
a little younger, please.

You always look young to me.
Perhaps I should chop it all off like you.
Except that I’m not that crazy.
surely you can afford a dress by now.

I’ve got used to trousers. They’re
comfortable and I can move around.

Can you feel that draught?
It comes straight through that wall.

I’ve told you before, Mama.
Don’t stay here.

- Come back with me to Nohant.
- No, I want to be in Paris.

Besides, you don’t need my company.
You have that young man.
What’s he called?

Malle... Malle...
- Mallefille.
- Mallefille!

- A very dashing fellow.
- I wish he’d fall off the map.

You’re always looking
for something better, Aurora.

If you’d stayed married,
you’d have money.

- You shouldn’t beg for scraps like I did.
- I’m doing fine.

The only money I ever saw was what
your grandmother paid me not to see you.

You didn’t have to take it.
That’s rather nice.
I think I’ll go dancing tonight,
get out of this dungeon.

- Can I be your partner?
- Certainly not. I want a proper man.