Can you feel that draught?
It comes straight through that wall.

I’ve told you before, Mama.
Don’t stay here.

- Come back with me to Nohant.
- No, I want to be in Paris.

Besides, you don’t need my company.
You have that young man.
What’s he called?

Malle... Malle...
- Mallefille.
- Mallefille!

- A very dashing fellow.
- I wish he’d fall off the map.

You’re always looking
for something better, Aurora.

If you’d stayed married,
you’d have money.

- You shouldn’t beg for scraps like I did.
- I’m doing fine.

The only money I ever saw was what
your grandmother paid me not to see you.

You didn’t have to take it.
That’s rather nice.
I think I’ll go dancing tonight,
get out of this dungeon.

- Can I be your partner?
- Certainly not. I want a proper man.

"(Liszt)" It’s only for six weeks.
You only just got back. It’s humiliating!
I know you. Six weeks means six months.
My concerts raise money for the refugees.
The floods this year were devastating.

It’s my country,
these are my people and they need me.

you’re the patron saint of Hungary!

I couldn’t stand
between you and mankind.

I’ll return as soon as I can.
My beautiful archangel. I’ll miss you.
(baby cries)
- You made my milk come out.
- Hadn’t you better feed the baby?

I gave up everything for you.
I disgraced myself for our dream, Franz.
All I wanted was to kneel at your feet.