I always lock my files!
You're the only one here today.
What do you mean, you bastard?
You're going to write a book?
You know what I mean.
I've seen a lot of strange things here.
Strange people.
You didn't see a goddamn thing!
Not a goddamn thing!
The full name is Lee Harvey Oswald.
Did you shoot the President?
I didn't shoot anybody.

They have taken me in
because I have lived in the Soviet Union.

I'm just a patsy!
He sure looks like a creep.
I protested at that time I was not allowed
legal representation...

...during that very short and sweet hearing.
I really don't know...
...what this situation is about.
Nobody has told me anything
except that I am accused...

...of murdering a policeman.
I know nothing more than that.
I do request someone to come forward...
...to give me legal assistance.
Were you ever in the Free Cuba movement
or whatever is called?

Is the Fair Play for Cuba Committee.
Why were you in Russia?
What happened to your eye?

He seems pretty cool
for a man under pressure.

A policeman hit me.
He gives me the willies.
Come on, sugarplums,
is past your bedtimes.

Mattie, honey, get a hold of yourself.
A fine man.
After a stint in the Marines...
...he became fascinated by communism.
He is said to be a dedicated Marxist...

...and a fanatical supporter of Fidel Castro
and ultra left-wing causes.

He spent last summer in New Orleans
and was arrested...

...in a brawl with anti-Castro Cuban exiles.