Nobody has told me anything
except that I am accused...

...of murdering a policeman.
I know nothing more than that.
I do request someone to come forward...
...to give me legal assistance.
Were you ever in the Free Cuba movement
or whatever is called?

Is the Fair Play for Cuba Committee.
Why were you in Russia?
What happened to your eye?

He seems pretty cool
for a man under pressure.

A policeman hit me.
He gives me the willies.
Come on, sugarplums,
is past your bedtimes.

Mattie, honey, get a hold of yourself.
A fine man.
After a stint in the Marines...
...he became fascinated by communism.
He is said to be a dedicated Marxist...

...and a fanatical supporter of Fidel Castro
and ultra left-wing causes.

He spent last summer in New Orleans
and was arrested...

...in a brawl with anti-Castro Cuban exiles.
Lou? Sorry to disturb you this late.
Matter of routine. Get on
this Oswald connection in New Orleans.

Check out his record. Find any friends
or associates from last summer.

Les meet with the investigators
day after tomorrow.

On Sunday?
Sunday. 11:00.
Thanks, Lou.
I would say that he is the killer...
...beyond a reasonable doubt
and to a moral certainty.

I thought a motorcycle had backfired.
I looked to my left.

A second shot hit him in the face.
The rifle, a cheap World War Il,
Italian-made Mannlicher-Carcano...

...was ordered from
a Chicago mailing house...

...and shipped to Oswald's alias, A. Hidell...
...at a post office box in March of 1963.
This same rifle was used
to assassinate the President.

That ties it up.
Another nut. Jesus Christ,
anybody can get a rifle in Texas!

As far as Oswald's associates,
one name keeps popping up: David Ferrie.