Lou? Sorry to disturb you this late.
Matter of routine. Get on
this Oswald connection in New Orleans.

Check out his record. Find any friends
or associates from last summer.

Le¬Ěs meet with the investigators
day after tomorrow.

On Sunday?
Sunday. 11:00.
Thanks, Lou.
I would say that he is the killer...
...beyond a reasonable doubt
and to a moral certainty.

I thought a motorcycle had backfired.
I looked to my left.

A second shot hit him in the face.
The rifle, a cheap World War Il,
Italian-made Mannlicher-Carcano...

...was ordered from
a Chicago mailing house...

...and shipped to Oswald's alias, A. Hidell...
...at a post office box in March of 1963.
This same rifle was used
to assassinate the President.

That ties it up.
Another nut. Jesus Christ,
anybody can get a rifle in Texas!

As far as Oswald's associates,
one name keeps popping up: David Ferrie.

Oswald was seen with him
several times last summer.

I know David. Strange character.
He's been in trouble before. He was
a hot-shot pilot for Eastern Airlines.

Got canned after an alleged
homosexual incident.

These photos were found yesterday
among Oswald's possessions...

...in the garage where Marina Oswald
and her children are living.

Somebody mentioned Ferrie
on that Texas trip. Find that out.

He no shoot anyone.
He good man. Good husband.
So it seems David Ferrie drove off
on Friday afternoon for Texas.

A source said he might have been
a getaway pilot for Oswald.

Hold your horses.
What kind of source?
The anonymous kind, Chief.
I remember Ferrie speaking
at a meeting of some veterans group...

...ranting against Castro. Extreme stuff.
They're bringing him out.
Numa, turn it up.