True. I drove to Houston.
What was so appealing about Houston?
I hadn't been ice-skating lately.
Some young friends and I...

...decided to go skating.
Why the urge to ice-skate in Texas...
...during one of the worst thunderstorms
in recent memory?

Spur-of-the-moment thing.
Storm wasn't that bad.
Where did you drive?
We went to Houston.
Saturday we drove to Galveston,
and stayed there.

And Sunday?
In the morning, we went goose hunting.
Did you bag any?
The boys got a couple.
Boys said they didn't get any.
They're right.
There were thousands
of geese everywhere.

But you couldn't approach them.
They're wise.

Your friends said you had no weapons.
Isn't it difficult to hunt geese
without a shotgun?

I remember now. I'm sorry.
I got confused.
We got near the geese, then realized
we had forgotten our shotguns.

Stupid, right?
So, of course, we didn't get any geese.
Thank you for your time.
Sorry this must end inconveniently...
...but I must detain you for questioning
by the FBI.

Why? Whas wrong?
Your story is not believable.
What part?