I remember now. I'm sorry.
I got confused.
We got near the geese, then realized
we had forgotten our shotguns.

Stupid, right?
So, of course, we didn't get any geese.
Thank you for your time.
Sorry this must end inconveniently...
...but I must detain you for questioning
by the FBI.

Why? Whas wrong?
Your story is not believable.
What part?
This afternoon the FBI released
David W. Ferrie...

...of New Orleans.
After extensive questioning
and a background check...

...the Bureau found no evidence
that Mr. Ferrie knew Lee Harvey Oswald...

...or had any connection
with the assassination.

The agent in charge would like
to make clear...

...that Ferrie was brought in
for questioning...

...by the District Attorney
of Orleans Parish.

I thought we were on the same side.
Why are they saying that?
Pretty fast, the way they let him go.
They must know something we don't.
So les get on with our lives.
We have many homegrown crimes
to prosecute.

The President has announced...
...the creation of a commission
to probe the events in Dallas.

It will be headed
by Chief Justice Earl Warren...

...and is expected to head off
several Congressional and Texas inquiries.

On the panel are Allen Dulles,
ex-chief of the CIA...