Knows philosophy, medicine,
military history, politics.

He wanted to be a priest.
They defrocked him 'cause he was queer.

Tha¬Ěs where you first met Oswald?
Strange guy. Dave introduced him as...
Leon Oswald.
How you doing?
What the fuck is he doing here?
Fuck you, motherfucker.
Leon's in a bad mood. Don't get excited.
You said Leon was actually
Lee Harvey Oswald?

Yeah. I have no reason to lie to you.
I'm already in jail.
Go on.
Finally they left and I was alone
with Dave...

...and this Leon...
...two of the Cubans,
and this guy Bertrand.

Dave pulled out some clippings.
He'd been obsessed with Castro
and Kennedy for months.

Little ass-wipe closed down the camps!
Took our C-4!

Took 10,000 rounds!
3,000 pounds of gunpowder!

All our weapons!
You want to free Cuba?
Whack out the fucking beard!

Kennedy won't let us.
Our hands are empty. How can we?

Problem is getting to him.
Informers on every block.

They got new stuff!
I could show you dozens of poisons!
Put it in his food, he'd die in three days.

No trace!
Put something in his beard,
make it fall out. He'd look ridiculous...

Fucking Kennedy is doing all kinds of deals
with that bastard Khrushchev.

Licking his ass.
An inspired act of God should happen
here and put a Texan in the White House!

The Cubans left. Dave was drunk.
He started in on Kennedy again.
I will kill! In the White House!
Stab him in the heart!

Somebody must get rid of him!
You won't get that son of a bitch!
It won't be long. That fucker
will get what he deserves.

It could be blamed on Castro,
the country will want to invade Cuba.

We just need to get him in the open.