You want to free Cuba?
Whack out the fucking beard!

Kennedy won't let us.
Our hands are empty. How can we?

Problem is getting to him.
Informers on every block.

They got new stuff!
I could show you dozens of poisons!
Put it in his food, he'd die in three days.

No trace!
Put something in his beard,
make it fall out. He'd look ridiculous...

Fucking Kennedy is doing all kinds of deals
with that bastard Khrushchev.

Licking his ass.
An inspired act of God should happen
here and put a Texan in the White House!

The Cubans left. Dave was drunk.
He started in on Kennedy again.
I will kill! In the White House!
Stab him in the heart!

Somebody must get rid of him!
You won't get that son of a bitch!
It won't be long. That fucker
will get what he deserves.

It could be blamed on Castro,
the country will want to invade Cuba.

We just need to get him in the open.
Always some harebrained scheme.
Les have some more champagne,
shall we?

What about the Secret Service? The cops?
If is planned right, no problem.
They got close to De Gaulle.

Eisenhower always rode in open top.
We need three mechanics
in three different locations.

An office building, a high-powered rifle.
Triangulation of crossfire, thas the key.
Thas the key.

A diversionary shot gets the Secret Service
looking one way.

Boom! Get the kill shot.
One man has to be sacrificed.
In the commotion, the job gets done.
The others leave the country.
Les drop this subject.
Is one thing to banter with these kids...

...but this sort of thing could be
so easily misunderstood.

I didn't think much about it then.
Is just bullshit.

People like to act more important
than they are.

Especially in the homosexual underworld.