But when they got him...
...I got scared.
Real scared.
Thas when I got popped.
The things you said will be attacked
by many people.

Bring them on. Bring their college degrees
in here, I got nothing to hide.

No one can buy me.
I don't even need this parole.
What parole?

You liberal, you don't know shit
'cause you never been fucked in the ass.

This ain't about justice!
No, this is about order!

Who rules? Fascism is coming back.
Nobody wants to buy you.
No one's promising you parole.

What I need to know
is why are you telling us this.

'Cause that motherfucker Kennedy...
...stole that motherfucking election,
thas why.

Nixon was going to be a great President
until Kennedy wrecked this country.

Niggers wanting rights!
Why do you think we have all this crime.

He promised those motherfuckers
too much!

Revolution's coming, bullshit!
Fascism's coming back!

The day that Communist son of a bitch
died was a great day!

A great day for this country.
I hate to think they blame it
on silly, fucking Oswald.

Didn't know shit, anyway.
People got to know.
People got to know why he was killed.

Because he was a Communist.
You go ahead, put me on the stand,
I'll tell the same goddamned story!

Don't matter to me!
All right, Willie. Thanks.
We'll be in touch.
All right.
You know, you're not a bad-looking man.
Not bad at all.
I get out of here, I'll come see you.
We can have fun!

Their testimony won't hold up in court.
Their reputations are lower
than crocodile piss.

That bothers you?
If a woman's a prostitute,
must she also have bad eyesight?