The day that Communist son of a bitch
died was a great day!

A great day for this country.
I hate to think they blame it
on silly, fucking Oswald.

Didn't know shit, anyway.
People got to know.
People got to know why he was killed.

Because he was a Communist.
You go ahead, put me on the stand,
I'll tell the same goddamned story!

Don't matter to me!
All right, Willie. Thanks.
We'll be in touch.
All right.
You know, you're not a bad-looking man.
Not bad at all.
I get out of here, I'll come see you.
We can have fun!

Their testimony won't hold up in court.
Their reputations are lower
than crocodile piss.

That bothers you?
If a woman's a prostitute,
must she also have bad eyesight?

Find Clay Bertrand. Start by checking
around the Quarter.

The six of us, with almost no budget
and in secret...

...will solve a case
the Warren Commission couldn't?

I didn't pick you for your legal skill.
Thanks, Boss.

You're a fighter. I like a man
who's not afraid of bad odds.

Mr. Garrison, how are you?
Remember me?

You vote for me?
I did. We sang together
at the Royal Orleans, remember?

We sang:
"You're the cream in my coffee."
Haven't seen you much lately.
Been too busy. Elected men can't have
as much fun as they used to.

Is always nice to see you.
Pleasure to serve you always.

How are you? Nice to see you.
Welcome back, Lou.
Think I could get a martini?
They're waiting for you, sir.

Keep that table open for us.