Lonely kid, no father.
Joins the Marines at 17.
Learns Russian. Acts overtly Marxist.
But he's stationed at a top-secret air base
in Japan...

...where U-2 spy flights
over Russia originate.

He's discharged...
...supposedly because his mother's sick.
Stays home three days.

Then, with a $1,500 ticket from
a $203 bank account, he goes to Moscow.

Mr. Oswald, do you understand...
...the action you are about to take?
Yes, I do, sir.

I wish to renounce my citizenship...
...and become a Soviet citizen.
I'll give them all the information
I have on the Marines.

He disappears for six weeks,
presumably with the KGB.

He's taken to a radio factory in Minsk...
...where he lives as high on the hog
as he ever has.

He's given 5,000 rubles,
a roomy apartment with a balcony.

Has affairs with local girls.
Makes sense. He's a spokesman.
But he never does any propaganda
for the Russians.

He meets Marina.
Her uncle is a colonel
in Soviet intelligence.

She thinks he's Russian by his speech.
Six weeks later they marry,
have a daughter.

Only explanation for the royal treatment
is he gave them radar secrets.

Or fake secrets.
Six months after he's in Russia...
...Francis Gary Powers' U-2 spy flight
goes down...

...in Russia. That plane was untouchable.
Powers hinted that Oswald...
...could've given the Russians
enough data to hit it.

As a result, the peace summit between
Khrushchev and Eisenhower failed.

Perhaps our military didn't want
the conference to happen?

Maybe Oswald was part of that!
Stick to what you can prove in court.
You want facts?

Don't get sidetracked.
How'd he get back to the States?