Makes sense. He's a spokesman.
But he never does any propaganda
for the Russians.

He meets Marina.
Her uncle is a colonel
in Soviet intelligence.

She thinks he's Russian by his speech.
Six weeks later they marry,
have a daughter.

Only explanation for the royal treatment
is he gave them radar secrets.

Or fake secrets.
Six months after he's in Russia...
...Francis Gary Powers' U-2 spy flight
goes down...

...in Russia. That plane was untouchable.
Powers hinted that Oswald...
...could've given the Russians
enough data to hit it.

As a result, the peace summit between
Khrushchev and Eisenhower failed.

Perhaps our military didn't want
the conference to happen?

Maybe Oswald was part of that!
Stick to what you can prove in court.
You want facts?

Don't get sidetracked.
How'd he get back to the States?

Does he have any problems
with Uncle Sam?

No. The State Department issues him
a new passport in 48 hours...

...and loans him travel money.
He's never investigated or charged
for revealing classified information...

...or, as far as we know,
debriefed by the CIA.

Bastard should've been prosecuted
as a traitor when he got off the boat.

Did Marina have problems getting out?
None, though is almost impossible
to get Russian sweethearts out.

This is a man who defected once already.
Is crazy. Ordinary people...

...get blacklisted
for having leftist affiliations.

Doesn't add up.
Next thing, he's living
in Dallas-Fort Worth, October '62...

...working six months
at Jaggars-Chiles-Stovall...

...a photographic firm that makes maps
for the US Army.

Oswald becomes chummy with
the Dallas White Russian community.

All rabid anti-Communists.
Is odd.
The Oswalds are introduced
to Janet and Bill Williams.

Is through Janet Williams,
in October '63, that Lee gets the job...