If we call him in now he might freeze up,
we'll lose our best shot.

He can't go down any further.
We must protect him full time.

I know what you're going through
with Ferrie.

We'll talk tomorrow.
I have to catch a plane to Washington.

A lead says he's closely connected
to these events...

...but he won't come here.
I'm onto Ferrie's Cuban paymaster,
Eladio del Valle.

I need more men. I got to get him in.
I can't pull the teams to watch Ferrie.
I promised him!

This is our case!
I got something to show you.
I think you'll find it interesting.
This was found in your office.
The conference room is bugged, maybe
the phones. We have to debug the place.

Bugging the DA's office.
This is outrageous!

Believe what you want,
but we must be more careful.

All these new volunteers!
You handle it, okay?
I don't have time for this nonsense.

Well, we obviously got
the bastards worried now.

I'm coming to Washington!
Dave Ferrie's dead.
Found his body in his apartment
two hours ago.

Whas it look like?
I don't see any violence. Heart attack,
maybe an aneurysm. Natural causes.

This is addressed to no one
and no signature.