All these new volunteers!
You handle it, okay?
I don't have time for this nonsense.

Well, we obviously got
the bastards worried now.

I'm coming to Washington!
Dave Ferrie's dead.
Found his body in his apartment
two hours ago.

Whas it look like?
I don't see any violence. Heart attack,
maybe an aneurysm. Natural causes.

This is addressed to no one
and no signature.

"To leave this life is
for me a sweet prospect.

"I find nothing in it that is desirable...
"...and, on the other hand,
everything that is loathsome."

It goes on and on.
"Daily we are propagandized more
and more by the rising crime wave."

Seems pretty flowery for Dave Ferrie.
I took it once for a low thyroid condition.
It raises the metabolism.
Ferrie strike you as the kind of person
with a low metabolism?

Hardly, I'd say the opposite.
Maybe hypertension.

Ferrie was the only one to express
any kind of remorse about the whole thing.