"To leave this life is
for me a sweet prospect.

"I find nothing in it that is desirable...
"...and, on the other hand,
everything that is loathsome."

It goes on and on.
"Daily we are propagandized more
and more by the rising crime wave."

Seems pretty flowery for Dave Ferrie.
I took it once for a low thyroid condition.
It raises the metabolism.
Ferrie strike you as the kind of person
with a low metabolism?

Hardly, I'd say the opposite.
Maybe hypertension.

Ferrie was the only one to express
any kind of remorse about the whole thing.

I think it got him killed.
More bad news from Miami.
Ferrie's friend, Eladio del Valle,
was found...

...hacked to death with a machete
in his car.

He was tortured, shot point-blank
in the heart, his skull split open with an ax.

Ain't that the devil's piss!
Found another note. Same thing.
No name. No signature.

"When you receive this, I'll be quite dead,
so no answer is possible.

"I offered you love, I got kicked."
Musve pressed to come up with that.

What if a man with hypertension
were to take an entire bottle of Proloid?

He'd die quickly. A heart storm
or a ruptured blood vessel in the brain.

Can you ascertain if there's Proloid
in his system?

Not with a routine autopsy.
But there may be a high level of iodine
in the spinal fluid.

But is difficult to know.
Whare you thinking?

It doesn't make sense.
Would a man afraid of dying...