But none of this happened. It violated
our most basic protection codes.

And it is the best indication
of a massive plot in Dallas.

Who could have best done this?
Black Ops. People in my business.
My superior could've called Col. Reich
and said:

"We have another unit coming for security.
You'll stand down."

That day, some Army Intelligence people
were in Dallas.

I don't know who or why.
But they weren't protecting clients.
And Oswald. Army Intell had
a Lee Harvey Oswald on file.

Those files have been destroyed.
Many strange things were happening.
Oswald had nothing to do with them.
The entire Cabinet was in the Far East.
A third of a combat division
was returning from Germany...

...in the air above the United States,
at the time of the shooting.

At 12:34 p.m., the Washington
telephone system went out for an hour.

On the plane back to Washington...
...word was radioed
from the Situations Room...

...to Johnson that there
was only one assassin.

Sound like coincidences to you?
Not for one moment.
The Cabinet was out of the way.
Troops for riot control were in the air.
Telephones were out to stop
the wrong stories from spreading.

Nothing was left to chance.
He could not be allowed to escape alive.
Things were never the same after that.
Vietnam started for real.
There was an air of...

...make-believe in the Pentagon and CIA.
Those of us in Secret Ops knew
the Warren Commission was fiction.

But there was something...
I knew Allen Dulles well.
I often briefed him in his house.

But why was he appointed to investigate
Kennedy's death? The man who fired him.

Dulles, by the way,
was General Y's benefactor.