On the plane back to Washington...
...word was radioed
from the Situations Room...

...to Johnson that there
was only one assassin.

Sound like coincidences to you?
Not for one moment.
The Cabinet was out of the way.
Troops for riot control were in the air.
Telephones were out to stop
the wrong stories from spreading.

Nothing was left to chance.
He could not be allowed to escape alive.
Things were never the same after that.
Vietnam started for real.
There was an air of...

...make-believe in the Pentagon and CIA.
Those of us in Secret Ops knew
the Warren Commission was fiction.

But there was something...
I knew Allen Dulles well.
I often briefed him in his house.

But why was he appointed to investigate
Kennedy's death? The man who fired him.

Dulles, by the way,
was General Y's benefactor.

I got out in '64.
Resigned my commission.
I never realized Kennedy was so dangerous
to the establishment.

Is that why?
Tha¬Ěs the real question, isn't it? Why?
The how and the who is just scenery
for the public.

Oswald, Ruby, Cuba, the Mafia...
...keeps them guessing, like a game.
Prevents them from asking
the most important question: why?

Why was Kennedy killed? Who benefited?
Who has the power to cover it up? Who?
In 1961...
...right after the Bay of Pigs,
very few people know this...

...I participated in drawing up
National Security Action Memos 55, 56, 57.

These are documents classified top secret.
In them, Kennedy told Gen. Lemnitzer,
chairman of the Joint Chiefs...

...that from here on, the Joint Chiefs
would be wholly responsible...