...for all covert paramilitary action
in peacetime.

This ended the reign of the CIA.
Splintered it into 1,000 pieces,
as JFK promised he would.

And now he was ordering the military...
...to help him do it. Unprecedented!
I can't tell you the shock waves this sent
along the corridors of power.

This and the firing of Allen Dulles...
...Richard Bissell and Gen. Charles Cabell.
All were sacred cows in Intell
since World War II.

They got some very upset people.
Kennedy's directives weren't implemented
because of...

...bureaucratic resistance.
But one of the results was...
...the Cuban operation was turned over
to my department...

...as Operation Mongoose.
Mongoose was pure Black Ops.
It was secretly based at Miami University...
...which has the largest
domestic CIA station...

...budgeted annually for hundreds
of millions of dollars.

Three hundred agents, 7,000 select Cubans.
Fifty fake business fronts
to launder money.

They waged a non-stop war against Castro.
Industrial sabotage, crop burning, etc.
All under the control of General Y.
He took the rules of covert warfare
he'd used abroad...

...and brought them to this country.
Now he had the people,
the equipment, the bases...

...and the motivation.
Don't underestimate the budget cuts
that Kennedy called for in March of 1963.

Nearly 52 military installations
in 25 states.

Twenty-one overseas bases.
Big money.
You know how many helicopters
have been lost in Vietnam?

Nearly 3,000 so far.
Who makes them?
Bell Helicopter. Who owns Bell?

Bell was nearly bankrupt when First
National Bank of Boston asked the CIA...

...to use the helicopter in Indochina.
How about the F-111 fighter?

General Dynamics of Fort Worth, Texas.
Who owns that?

Find out the defense budget since
the war began. $75 going on $100 billion.

Nearly $200 billion will be spent
before is over.