That is a coup d'état.
Kennedy announces the Texas trip
in September.

At that moment, second Oswalds
pop up all over Dallas...

...where they have the mayor
and the cops in their pocket.

General Y flies in the assassins.
Maybe from the special camp
we keep near Athens, Greece.

They'd be locals, Cubans, Mafia hire.
Separate teams.

Does it matter who shot...
...from what rooftop?
Part of the scenery.
I keep thinking about that Tuesday...
...the 26th of November.
The day after they buried Kennedy.
Gentlemen, I am not going to let Vietnam
go like China did.

I'm committed...
...not to take our soldiers out of there
till they know we mean business in Asia.

Lyndon Johnson signs
National Security Memo 273...

...which reverses
Kennedy's withdrawal policy...

...and approves covert action
against North Vietnam...

...provoking the Gulf of Tonkin incident.
Just get me elected,
I'll give you the damn war.

In that document...
...lay the Vietnam War.
I can't believe they killed him
because he wanted to change things.

In our time, in our country!
They've done it throughout history.

Kings are killed. Politics is power,
nothing more!

Don't take my word for it.
Do your own thinking.

The size of this is...
...beyond me.

No chance in hell.
No, I'd be arrested and gagged.
Maybe sent to an institution.

Maybe worse. You too.
I can give you the background.
You find the foreground, the little things.

Dig, you're the only one to bring a trial
in Kennedy's murder.

Thas important. Is historic.