...provoking the Gulf of Tonkin incident.
Just get me elected,
I'll give you the damn war.

In that document...
...lay the Vietnam War.
I can't believe they killed him
because he wanted to change things.

In our time, in our country!
They've done it throughout history.

Kings are killed. Politics is power,
nothing more!

Don't take my word for it.
Do your own thinking.

The size of this is...
...beyond me.

No chance in hell.
No, I'd be arrested and gagged.
Maybe sent to an institution.

Maybe worse. You too.
I can give you the background.
You find the foreground, the little things.

Dig, you're the only one to bring a trial
in Kennedy's murder.

Thas important. Is historic.
I haven't yet.
I don't have much of a case.
You don't have a choice anymore.
You're a significant threat
to the national security structure.

They'd have killed you already,
but there's light on you.

So they'll destroy your credibility.
They already have in many circles.
Be honest.
Your only chance is to come up
with a case. Something. Anything.

Make arrests. Stir the shitstorm.
Hope to start...
...a chain reaction
of people coming forward.

Then the government will crack.
Fundamentally, people are suckers
for the truth.

And the truth is on your side, bubba.
I just hope you get a break.