He's not in. Can someone else help you?
Special Agent Hosty made three visits
to Janet Williams' house...

...to keep an eye on Marina. He left a note.
Hosty told a newspaperman
it was a warning...

...to stop questioning Marina
when Oswald was not present.

She was not a citizen, so possibly
he was threatening to deport her to Russia.

But what the note really said,
no one knows.

Hosty tore it up and flushed it
down the toilet.

This is just speculation.
But what if the note described
the assassination attempt on JFK?

Come on, think!
Tha¬Ěs the only reason to destroy it.
If it was a threat like Hosty said,
they would have kept it.

It makes their case against the angry,
lone nut that much stronger.

Remember the meeting
with Agent Quigley...

...the day he was arrested?
Quigley destroyed the notes
from the interview.

We can raise the possibility
that Oswald was not only an informant...

...but he may have been the original source
for the telex dated November 17...

...warning of Kennedy's assassination
in Dallas on November 22.

William Walters, the FBI night clerk,
gave me a copy.

It went all over the country.
Nothing was done.

The motorcade went ahead on schedule.
The Warren Report didn't mention it.

"A militant group may attempt
to assassinate President Kennedy...

"...on his proposed trip to Dallas, Texas."
Shortly after the assassination...
...Walters says the telex was removed
from all the files...

...as an obvious embarrassment
to the Bureau.

I believe Oswald sent information
through Hosty.

I have a hunch Oswald
had infiltrated this group:

Cubans or right-wing extremists.
He was told to be
at the Book Depository that day...

...to either prevent the assassination
or take part in it.

Either they told him
they'd close down the plotters...