...but he may have been the original source
for the telex dated November 17...

...warning of Kennedy's assassination
in Dallas on November 22.

William Walters, the FBI night clerk,
gave me a copy.

It went all over the country.
Nothing was done.

The motorcade went ahead on schedule.
The Warren Report didn't mention it.

"A militant group may attempt
to assassinate President Kennedy...

"...on his proposed trip to Dallas, Texas."
Shortly after the assassination...
...Walters says the telex was removed
from all the files...

...as an obvious embarrassment
to the Bureau.

I believe Oswald sent information
through Hosty.

I have a hunch Oswald
had infiltrated this group:

Cubans or right-wing extremists.
He was told to be
at the Book Depository that day...

...to either prevent the assassination
or take part in it.

Either they told him
they'd close down the plotters...

...or simulate an attack...
...on Kennedy to whip up public opinion...
...so Kennedy would have to reverse
his policies on communism.

What they told him doesn't matter.
He was under orders.
He was a foot soldier.
You can't miss. He is a dead duck.
I don't buy it.
Why would the FBI cover it up?
A telex disappears from every FBI office
in this country?

There's a word, Bill.
Or a cover-up.

Don't you have enough proof
of the FBI's complicity yet?

I respect this country's institutions!
How the hell can you keep
a conspiracy going...

...between the mob, CIA, FBl, Army
Intelligence and who knows what else...

...when you can't keep a secret
in this room between 12 people?

I mean, we got leaks everywhere.
We are going to trial, y'all!
What the hell do we really got?
Oswald, Ruby, Banister
and Ferrie are dead.