La Frontera

l'm not a terrorist,
nor do l drink much.
Sorry, friend, l meant no offense.
l'd like you to become my assistant.
First, l had to find out
if you were a drunk.
Not like my other assistant,
it was dangerous.
You really mean it?
Sure. What's so funny?
The drawback is l can't pay you
But a square meal every day isn't bad.
And if we find any valuables,
we're partners.

60°% for me, as owner of the boat,
40°% for you. Well?
What do you say?
This library was never so crowded!
Excuse me, Miss Maite.
Go ahead.
l wanted to thank you for your help
when l was sick.
You seem much better.
What"ll you do now?
l don't know... wait...
Wait for what?
For the time to pass, l guess.
The time will pass anyway.
Leaving. Dad?
l'm translating it.
That's why l hoped you knew English.

There's important stuff.
But hard to translate.
''Chile, between the Andes
and the ocean...''

''An ancient Mapuche legend
of southern Chile: one day