Little Man Tate

He must be all of ten.
Yo, Muffy! What the hell you lookin' at?
Get outta here, you punk.

Hey, how's your head?
Remember me?
I'm the guy that took
your lights out the other day.

Well, look. I brought you a present.
Ta-da! Remember this? It's got a little
blood on it, right there on El Salvador.

I think that's pretty cool.
- It's for you. I brought it for you.
- Thanks.

You're welcome. My name's Eddie.
- Fred.
- Nice to meet you, Fred.

- What's your major?
- What's my major?

Damn! Who you been hanging out with?
Jane. What's your major?
Well, let's see.
Russian Lit. Afro-Am. Poly Sci.

French. Swahili. Ooglie booglie.
Toilet trainin'. Eatin' dirt. Nose-pickin'.
One of those. I dunno.

- So who's Jane? That your girlfriend?
- The lady I live with.

Say, what are you doing this afternoon?
Just bringing in the mail.
Ooo-wee! That was swingin'!
Was that swingin' or what?

We're gonna go on the road together.
But I can't play the classical stuff.
You have to handle that.

You know what the funniest thing
about Mozart was? His hair.

I'd say to Mozart
"That's the ugliest hairdo I've seen".