Little Man Tate

- So who's Jane? That your girlfriend?
- The lady I live with.

Say, what are you doing this afternoon?
Just bringing in the mail.
Ooo-wee! That was swingin'!
Was that swingin' or what?

We're gonna go on the road together.
But I can't play the classical stuff.
You have to handle that.

You know what the funniest thing
about Mozart was? His hair.

I'd say to Mozart
"That's the ugliest hairdo I've seen".

I think Mozart should have a big Afro
or a Mohawk, or a something.

Yeah, yeah, yeah. Swing along!
Yeah, man.
Swing it.
Looks good.
It's funny, Garth.
I'm experiencing a whole
new side of me I've never felt before.

It's just a meat loaf, Jane.
No. To me, it's a lot more than a meat loaf.
It's a milestone.