Little Man Tate

I think Mozart should have a big Afro
or a Mohawk, or a something.

Yeah, yeah, yeah. Swing along!
Yeah, man.
Swing it.
Looks good.
It's funny, Garth.
I'm experiencing a whole
new side of me I've never felt before.

It's just a meat loaf, Jane.
No. To me, it's a lot more than a meat loaf.
It's a milestone.

I mean...
...who would have thought
that I'd ever cook anything?

Maybe you're turning over a new loaf.
- What do I do about Live Wire?
- Do we have to discuss that now?

If Buckner wants to do
an hour on gifted children...

What does Winston Buckner know
about gifted children?

Why doesn't he do a talk show on
petulant talk show hosts instead?

Oh! I've gotta make the salad.
That's why he needs you.
And he wants to bring Fred on, too.

You could bring
a few examples of his work.

He'd like that.
What time is it?
The object of the game
is to bank the ball...

:17:42 that you hit the other one
right where the shadow is.

You wanna try to hit the ball nice and low.
That way you get a lot of backspin on it.
- Like that.
- Hey, Eddie.

- Hey, where the hell y'all been?
- Anna fainted in the parking lot.