New Jack City

What Gee Money has brought together...
...let no man put asunder.
I now pronounce us man...
...and wife.
You may kiss the bride.
Be not deceived.
Neither fornicators, nor idolaters...

...nor adulterers, nor abusers
of themselves with mankind...

...shall inherit the kingdom of God.
May your soul rest in peace.
Goodbye, Pookie.
The Commissioner's been
on my ass all night.

Washington is blaming us for losing
thousands of dollars in man-hours.

Not to mention all the cops
we got killed.

The operation was a failure.
We didn't arrest anyone.
No one, man.

We didn't get any evidence. Nothing.
No financial records, nothing.

We still could be out there
fighting scum like Nino Brown...

...except for two things:
I gambled on you,
and you gambled on a crackhead.

Fuck that!
That's enough, man!
I'm sorry you lost your budget.
But I lost a friend.