New Jack City

Goodbye, Pookie.
The Commissioner's been
on my ass all night.

Washington is blaming us for losing
thousands of dollars in man-hours.

Not to mention all the cops
we got killed.

The operation was a failure.
We didn't arrest anyone.
No one, man.

We didn't get any evidence. Nothing.
No financial records, nothing.

We still could be out there
fighting scum like Nino Brown...

...except for two things:
I gambled on you,
and you gambled on a crackhead.

Fuck that!
That's enough, man!
I'm sorry you lost your budget.
But I lost a friend.

Let it go.
Operation's over.
It's over.
It ain't over.
Pookie didn't die for nothing.

Operation's gone...
...Nino's loose, Pookie is dead.
I got Pookie killed.
Cut out this self-pitying shit
about you killing Pookie.

If anyone killed him it was me.
I could see it.

How you going to tell me
you killed Pookie?

Do you remember
when you said I didn't care?

When what the hell was I doing
at Pookie's funeral anyway? Remember?

I used to be Pookie.
How the hell you used to be Pookie?
I was a poor white-trash Pookie.
This whole drug shit, it's not
a black thing, it's not a white thing.