Rambling Rose

It's not my fault
if the girl has the Epizootics.

Rose, when I have to
get up at night to defend my home,

against 2 scoundrels in the bushes...
They weren't scoundrels.
They were just boys.

Boyfriends of Rose's
And why shouldn't she have boyfriends?

Don't you think she's human,
the same as you are yourself?

Just a moment, dear.
All I meant is, I wouldn't want
any young woman living in my house,

traipsing out at night,
meeting strange orangutans
to discuss the New Deal with 'em.

I'm not going to listen to this.
We're having a conversation,
and you bring in orangutans?

Darling, please.
Scrappers in the bushes, whatever.

It's the South with its
horrible traditions of slavery

and oppression of women.
The South has
nothing to do with this. Now, Rose...

You cannot fire this girl.
Not for having boyfriends.

Not while I
have strength in my finger,

to squeeze the trigger, and shoot you
with the truth between the eyes.

I don't intend to fire her.
You don't'?
- No, I don't.

Rose, I told you she's your friend,
and would fight for you like a tiger?

Yes, sir.
Thanks to her, you get another chance.
But don't try my patience again.

There are growing children here.
You understand?

Yes, sir, I do.
I'm gonna tell Foster
and Horton to stay away from here.

I'm playing
a spectacular triple-combination.