Rambling Rose

Not while I
have strength in my finger,

to squeeze the trigger, and shoot you
with the truth between the eyes.

I don't intend to fire her.
You don't'?
- No, I don't.

Rose, I told you she's your friend,
and would fight for you like a tiger?

Yes, sir.
Thanks to her, you get another chance.
But don't try my patience again.

There are growing children here.
You understand?

Yes, sir, I do.
I'm gonna tell Foster
and Horton to stay away from here.

I'm playing
a spectacular triple-combination.

Nine ball in the corner.
Read 'em and weep, boy.
That's all she wrote.

Mr. Hillyer,
the police Chief is on the telephone.

What exactly happened?
There was a brawl
at the "Busy Beaver" last night.

The fur was flying, the gal
was screeching. All hell broke loose.

You know Horton, the bootlegger?
- I've heard of the scoundrel.

Scoundrel is right. He near
killed a man with a beer bottle.

This girl was the cause of it all.
She bit a police officer's thumb
down to the bone.

She was real upset.
She didn't mean to bite me.

No, I didn't mean to bite him.
I got an awful bad cold.

I believe she mite be sick.
- She's as healthy as a horse.

No, I'm not, Mr. Hillyer.
I'm as sick as a dog.

You wouldn't want her
to have an arrest record.

She's your girl, Mr. Hillyer.