type of thing.
Another example would be like back there at the bus station.
As I got off the bus, the thought crossed my mind...
you know, just for a second, about not taking a cab at all.
But, you know, like maybe walking, or bummin' a ride or something like that.
I'm kind of broke right now. I should've done that probably.
But, uh, just 'cause that thought crossed my mind...
there now exists at this very second...
a whole 'nother reality where I'm at the bus station...
and you're probably giving someone else a ride, you know?
I mean, and that reality thinks of itself as this -
it thinks of itself as the only reality, you know.
I mean, at this very second, I'm in that -
I'm back at the bus station just hangin' out, you know...
probably thumbin' through a paper.
You know, probably goin' up to a pay phone.
Say this beautiful woman just comes up to me, just starts talking to me, you
Uh, she ends up offering me a ride, you know.
We're hitting it off. Go play a little pinball.
And we go back to her apartment, I mean, she has this great apartment.
I move in with her, you know.
Say I have a dream some night...
that I'm with some strange woman I've never met...
or I'm living at some place I've never seen before.
See, that's just a momentary glimpse into this other reality...
that was all created back there at the bus station.
You know, shoot. And then, you know...
I could have a dream from that reality into this one...
that, like, this is my dream from that reality.
Of course, that's kind of like that dream I just had on the bus, you know.
The whole cycle type of thing.
Man, shit. I should've stayed at the bus station.