It's like a chemical thing.
Hey, putz, I'll be off
in a second!

I've left you the plants.
Please water them, and treat them
as lovingly as you treated me.

- You do want me, don't you, David?
- You know I do.

- Then get rid of her!
- You think that's easy?

- Give her Alzheimer's.
- Right. Rose is in the way.

- Fire Rose.
- Not with Celeste protecting her.

- God! Celeste, Celeste! Look...
- Grab those revisions.

I am 28 years old.
I need this to happen now!

I am not a new face anymore.
She won her eighth Schmenky.
Edmund's crazy about her.

You dump people
when they're on top...

before they lose their popularity
and drag the show down with them.

Excuse me?
Look, I have a public.
They write me letters.

"More Montana," they write.
Look at these!

"Celeste Talbert
is a menopausal hag.

Let's see more
of Montana Moorehead."

What are you looking at?
Maria Randosie,
Fort Lee, New Jersey.

Fort Lee! That's your audience.
That's the heartland.

I'm aware of my demographics.
Are you?
I want her off the show
worse than you.

You know why?
Then it's my show.

- Our show. A young show.
- A happening show.

Like Laguna Beach.
Better than Laguna Beach.

- Hotter. Sandier.
- Wetter. Saltier.