Zendegi va digar hich

That wasn't my real house.
It wasn't even mine.

Yes, this is mine truly.
You can leave it there.

In reality, this also belongs
to the movie.

- Dad, what is this?
- An oven.

They told me that if I wanted
I could remain in this house..

And I told them, I wanted to.
Unfortunately, the earthquake..

destroyed my real house,
although I refuse to acknowledge it.

I try to deceive myself.
I lived with all my family..

In the rescue camps
that you have seen you next to the highway.

Then I installed myself here
and I try to make it habitable.

- Dad, what is this?
- A hearth to cook.

After all, this house has survived, so it's real.
Yes, that's right. The movie becomes again reality.
Stops being a fiction.
All the doors of the house are closed.

I am seeking a ladle
to give your son a little water,

but I cannot enter house.
Mr Director, do you know where is the ladle?
Miss Rabbi,
where have you left the ladle?

It is up there.
Get up and give it to him, please.

Excuse me, Miss Rabbi.
- Take it.
- Thanks.

Where it is his son?
Didn't he ask for water?

He should be around here.
Sit down and let's have a chat.