Zendegi va digar hich

Madam, that carpet weighs a lot
and has a lot of dust.

- How do you remove it?
- What I can do?

- You alone will not manage.
- I don't have anyone.

Don't you have husband or children?
My husband stayed under the debris
and I don't have children.

- And what about your neighbors?
- Each one has his own problems,

That's the way it is...
My back is very bad,
if you would take it away it I'd be very glad.

Let's see.
It's impossible. It hurts me, too.
Not even I can move it.

Good, if you want,
you can remove the teapot.

With the carpet there's no way.
I will remove the teapot.
May the Lord give you long life.
Please, try not to dent it.

I can last three day without taking tea.
Mash Khatun!
Here I go!
Yes. What?
If you wait a little,
Hosein will lend you a hand.

Hosein is busy with his problems.
I think he can't handle it.

I will fix them myself.
Don't worry, daughter.

- Life is thus.
- You are very tired, grandmother.