Get your fat ass up!
Don't you know you're not
supposed to smoke in bed?

You want to say good night
to your little sister...

and your ugly dogs in Diggstown?
You're a good friend.
I don't know, Wolf.
I never should have
let you fight Torres.

Arert you gonna
sing and dance with him?

It did do the trick, though.
- So you're here to cheer me up.
- Yeah.

You're gonna make me
a rich man, right?

That I am.
So you're a good friend.
Maybe the best I ever had.
Nobody ever took the time
to teach somebody like me.

And nobody
ever gave me a chance...

to make the kind of money
we made today.

So you're a good friend, okay?
Get some rest, partner.
In the 18 years
I've been running Winfield...

there have only been
six escapes.

Five of them
since you arrived here.

Like little old Alex Dupree
who disappeared last night.

What do you think about that,
Mr. Caine?

I think the important thing is not
to take it as a personal rejection.

Warden, I owe you an apology.
Guys said your clip was full of blanks,
but I didn't know they meant your gun.