So you're a good friend.
Maybe the best I ever had.
Nobody ever took the time
to teach somebody like me.

And nobody
ever gave me a chance...

to make the kind of money
we made today.

So you're a good friend, okay?
Get some rest, partner.
In the 18 years
I've been running Winfield...

there have only been
six escapes.

Five of them
since you arrived here.

Like little old Alex Dupree
who disappeared last night.

What do you think about that,
Mr. Caine?

I think the important thing is not
to take it as a personal rejection.

Warden, I owe you an apology.
Guys said your clip was full of blanks,
but I didn't know they meant your gun.

I don't carry blanks.
God, that was clumsy of me.
Scared me.
Did it scare you?

You're smart, Caine.
How did they catch
a boy as smart as you?

Let's just say you might want
to change careers...

and sell phony art
to rich people.

Make sure your painter doesn't use
acrylics on 18th-century landscapes.

I'll remember that.
I will.
And you remember this:
I'll find out
how you've been doing it...

before you're released
next week.

- Keith.
- So this means Club Med is out?

- Jesus. What if they find the tunnel?
- So what?

- You think I left my name on it?
- I don't know.

What are the chances
of another queen?

Two showing, ten cards down?
Looks like two out of forty to me.