Forever Young

Then I need to talk
to someone else in charge.

Sir, I'm sorry,
but I can't let you in here. No way.

I know how I must look to you, okay?
Believe me, I wouldn't let me in here
either, if I was you.

I must ask you to leave the premises.
My name is Captain Daniel McCormick.
Serial number 2-4-1...
I know your name too.
Now, you look like a nice kid.
But if you don't get your supervisor
out here now to talk to me...

...I will make sure you pull guard duty
for the rest of your military career!

Have you got that? Have you got that?
You say it was registered as
Project B, which stands for Buford?

Yes, that was the name of the...
That Finley first tested?
That's correct.
You woke up last night in the warehouse
that we're tearing down?

I know it sounds crazy, but...
A little.
Who was your supervising officer?
Boyle. Major David E. Boyle.
I went where Harry used to live.
Now it's a place called Ralph's there.

I see.
We don't keep records that far back...
...but our scientists
would be fascinated.

- This is classified information?
- Right, Harry told no one.

Not even his employees knew.
Just Harry and l.
And I told one other person, but...

She's dead.
I'll call security.