Forever Young

That Finley first tested?
That's correct.
You woke up last night in the warehouse
that we're tearing down?

I know it sounds crazy, but...
A little.
Who was your supervising officer?
Boyle. Major David E. Boyle.
I went where Harry used to live.
Now it's a place called Ralph's there.

I see.
We don't keep records that far back...
...but our scientists
would be fascinated.

- This is classified information?
- Right, Harry told no one.

Not even his employees knew.
Just Harry and l.
And I told one other person, but...

She's dead.
I'll call security.
Can I have a cigarette?
I got something here
I think you should do something about.

I think you should probably meet.
He says he was in a metal capsule
in our warehouse for many years.

Come over with some men. Pronto!
Because I think it's going to be...
...maybe a...
It's going to be...
Sam? Hold on one sec.
Cancel it, Sam.
I'm not lying!
You're lying.
I swear. He said he'd never seen
so many cavities in one mouth.

He wanted to send a sample
of my saliva to a university.

Your saliva!
Give it to me.