I knew it!
Alex Furlong!
I knew it! I always knew it!
Look at you!

As young and healthy
as the day you got into that car!

The bastards snatched you!
You got no idea the shit I got.
The insurance wouldn't pay.
They couldn't find the body.

-You had me insured?
-I have all my drivers insured.

It did no good with you.
I looked for pieces!

A nose, a finger, anything!
This ain't my pad.
Here you either hide what you got
or you lose it.

This is remarkable.
I've never seen a Freejack.

Heard about them, sure.
I figured out it probably
happened to you.

Seen them on the 2-D, sure.
But touch one?

One I know? One that's alive?

How do you lI ke my antique ashtray?
'67 Porsche.
You're Alex Furlong, all right.
What's that about?
The natives are restless.
-Why do they want me?
-Because you died.

Incredible piece of videotape.
You should see it.

They know where and when you died,
so you're a candidate for retrieval.

Space-time coordinates.
It's still raw, but it'll be perfected.

I don't get it. Why not grab
someone who's alive now?

Look at these people. They've lived
their lives with no ozone layer.

Sucking up megadoses of carbon
monoxide. . .

. . .sulfur dioxide, mercury, lead,
benzene. . .

. . .nuclear waste.
They're hooked on drugs not around
in the 20th century.