'67 Porsche.
You're Alex Furlong, all right.
What's that about?
The natives are restless.
-Why do they want me?
-Because you died.

Incredible piece of videotape.
You should see it.

They know where and when you died,
so you're a candidate for retrieval.

Space-time coordinates.
It's still raw, but it'll be perfected.

I don't get it. Why not grab
someone who's alive now?

Look at these people. They've lived
their lives with no ozone layer.

Sucking up megadoses of carbon
monoxide. . .

. . .sulfur dioxide, mercury, lead,
benzene. . .

. . .nuclear waste.
They're hooked on drugs not around
in the 20th century.

Let's face it, you're a hot property.
Do you remember Julie Redlund?
Sure, I remember Julie Redlund.
What happened to her?
She lives in Battery Park.
Safe behind the palisades of power.

She's an exec at
the McCandless Corporation.

Only the biggest company in the world.
They own everything.

I must reach her. I must see her.
That is the truth.
You must reach her.
They're not going for it.
We should try for the mineral rights.
Your try could kill the whole deal.
We're talking about 3 billion.
That's worth playing cards for.

Besides, I think they're
ready to fold.

I want it taken off the table.